Benjamin ArmstrongHi! I am Benjamin Armstrong. I work at Microsoft as a Principal Program Manager Lead on the base operating system team. I live in Redmond, Washington, with my wife and three children – where I spend much of my spare time playing computer games and tinkering with technology.

I am originally from Australia (Brisbane, Queensland).  I was born there in 1980.  I went to Bald Hills State Primary School, Bray Park State High School and then went on to study Computer Science and Applied Mathematics at the Queensland University of Technology.

For 14 years I have blogged as Virtual PC Guy.

I chose this domain for two reasons:

  • American – I was born in Australia in 1980. However, I moved to America in 2001 to start working for a small Silicon Valley company – Connectix. I became an American citizen in 2015.
  • Boffin – from Wikipedia : “Boffin is a British slang term for a scientist, engineer, or other person engaged in technical or scientific research and development”. This is a term that I grew up with and always self-identified with.

I will be organizing my posts to this site into three categories:

  • Tech – these posts have to do with anything to do with technology. They may or may not be related to what I am working on at this point in time.
  • People – these posts are lessons and observations I have made after years working as a manager in corporate America, and through researching and studying people as a program manager to figure out how to build what they need.
  • Personal – these posts are about random things that I am doing. Whether I am traveling with family, playing a video game, or trying out new food.

You can follow me on Twitter (@vBenArmstrong), or find me on LinkedIn.

I hope you find something of interest here for you!



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