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Today has not been my most focused day.  Luckily for you all!

It all started well, I was in the middle of a technical planning discussion and wanted to put my opinion forward.  When suddenly I realized: I was about to make a strong statement about some software I had never actually used.

In technical circles this is known as “being a jerk”.

So, I bit my tongue and decided to go try it out.  However, trying out this software meant setting up multiple systems and following a relatively complicated process.  After an hour of slogging through this – I decided it was time to start automating the process.  ‘cause coding is fun.

After a bit of coding – I found that I needed to name a bunch of virtual machines. 

Now – if you have ever used Docker you know that you do not need to name containers.  It does it for you:

Docker Screenshot

What you probably don’t know is that this name generation is based on an open source project – “pet name”.  Which was made by Dustin Kirkland.  He has created versions of this utility for:

However, I am using PowerShell.

Now, I did consider using one of these projects and piping the results through the Windows Subsytem for Linux – but I ended up deciding that it would be more useful to just write a PowerShell version of the pet name generator (after searching GitHub to make sure that no one had already done it – of course!).  And a couple of hours later – here we are and I can present:


PS Petname in action

You can read more about the project at the GitHub page – but you can use this to easily generate names for anything when you are scripting from PowerShell.


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